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Primo Pasta

Toss Cottage Cheese with freshly cooked whole-wheat pasta, loads of fresh herbs like basil and parsley, and lemon zest and black pepper.

Add cooked veggies like broccoli, spinach or asparagus, plus bell peppers and onions, for a creamy pasta primavera.



Luscious Lasagna

Swap Cottage Cheese into your lasagna for a boost of protein and creaminess.

Think beyond traditional lasagna: Try thinly sliced butternut squash with roasted chicken breast, and a creamy sauce made with cottage cheese and plenty of sage and black pepper.


Perk Up Pesto

Mix Cottage Cheese with pesto for a creamy pasta topper or a dip. Add strips of roasted red pepper or sun-dried tomatoes for an added burst of flavor.


Stuffed Potatoes

Stuff Cottage Cheese into a baked potato (sweet or white) with a slice of chopped bacon and chives. Sprinkle on a bit of shredded Cheddar, if you prefer.


Stuffed Squash

Stuff a butternut squash with sauteed onions and mushrooms, toasted whole-wheat breadcrumbs, eggs, and Cottage Cheese for a lighter take on a classic gratin. Top with arugula or parsley and fresh rosemary!


Delightful Dips

Puree Cottage Cheese with shallots for a healthier chip dip. It's great with veggies or whole-wheat crackers, too!


Creamy Enchiladas

Top with salsa and dig in with baked chips or veggie sticks. Or puree salsa and Cottage Cheese for a creamy enchilada sauce!

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